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A Single Cluster Of Grapes

A Single Cluster Of Grapes
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Added: 03/25/2008 06:03 PM
Material: Oil / Canvas
Orig. Size: 18 x 24
I truly enjoy the way this painting evolved. I like to test new techniques and tend to experiment with most of my paintings, rarely painting two alike. This started out as several loose shapes that were just sitting there without purpose. There I sat, trying to figure them out. I thought of the story of Moses sending spies out to scout the Promised Land. He had them investigate the strengths and weaknesses of any potential enemy, and whether the land would support the people. The spies came upon a single cluster of grapes hanging on a branch that took two of them to carry on a pole. They returned the evidence of this great bounty to Moses. The painting quickly fell into place and remains one of my personal favorites. This is in a black wooden frame.

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