Exhibiting Artist

Dan Euans

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Dan Euans, a chaplain, artist, husband, father, grandfather, and all-around compassionate man, has poured himself into helping people spiritually. Dan Euans, in a warm, caring, personal, and often humorous way, shows us the splendor of God’s gifts through his art. From an early age, Dan developed an appreciation for art. From the time he could hold a crayon he was a constant doodler. His talents were recognized and utilized in the first grade where he was provided space in the school newspaper for a recurring comic strip.

Dan has been drawing and painting for over fifty years in varying styles and subject matter. He studied art at The Ohio State University and received his degree in Fine Arts at California State, in Fullerton.

Let your heart be warmed as you enjoy Dan’s works of art with influences by the contemporary watercolorist, James E. Roberts, and the popular portrait artist, Daniel Green.

Dan has traveled extensively and his works are in private collections worldwide. Dan is a man whose works cross denominational lines, racial barriers, and gender biases; Dan speaks and exemplifies the heart of Jesus Christ.

Dan currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Nina. He is a father of five and a grandfather of sixteen. Dan has added pet portraits to his repertoire, which he attributes to his wife’s love and passion for animals.

Dan reminds us "art is a creative response to a tactile, emotional, or even spiritual event. A piece of the artist’s soul is reflected, part and parcel, in each of his works."